Professional Services

Microwave Design and Site Selection

Think of Nautical as your turnkey MW network provider. If you are looking to design, engineer, or build a back-haul network, give us an opportunity to consult with your engineering design team. We will internally perform an in office study and generate an engineering report, confirm a design, perform a field and LOS study, support with site selection and coordinate with the FCC on your behalf. In the instance you don’t want to own your own network, have budgetary restraints or simply don’t want the overhead cost, we can support your needs by leasing your company bandwidth on our network. Give us an opportunity to consult with you for your networks specific needs.

Microwave Installation and Maintenance

Our microwave tower and radio technicians are skilled industry professionals with years of installation, troubleshooting and MW maintenance experience. From simple diagnosis of minor issues to complex installation scenarios, we have the aptitude. Having installed hundreds of MW links, DC power systems and router across the desert southwest for major carriers, state, government, federal agencies, municipalities, original equipment manufactures (OEM’s), towers owners, internet service providers (ISP’s), private entities and solar agencies, our teams are well versed. Our radio techs are well rounded, having knowledge in theory and academic as well the practical application of MW and signal.

Experienced with a variety of radio platforms, GUI interfaces, technologies and configurations, we welcome the challenge. Radio and path engineering particulars including VLANS, LAG configurations, XPIC, space and frequency diversity, angle diversity, radio stacking, adaptive power and modulations, signal flow and component level troubleshooting isn’t foreign to our technicians.

Our tower techs have a vast knowledge base and experience with all antenna sizes, rigging, mounting configurations, transmission cables and WG, split radio configurations, path alignments and general maintenance. Our technicians truly are a trusted professional we rely on to support your network.

We regularly support our clients with the networking side their networks as well as the RF side. Our work doesn’t de-mark at the radio platform. We can also help program and your network interface and distribution equipment should you need. We really are a one stop shop for your interconnect needs.

Network Monitoring and Emergency Response

Our support doesn’t have to end with testing and turn-up. Several of our clients utilize our network monitoring services to support their network Need your network monitored? We are ready to provide you up to date, real time monitoring from the most simple dry contact minor alarms to critical outage reporting, detailing major functions. Should you be interested, our responsibility would be 24/7 monitoring support. Should we identify issues or the network experience complications, immediate communication and emergency response is also available. You can think of us as your one stop shop for network management and technical support.

Lets build your network together…